William and Katey Branson

Dear Life Support,

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the length of time it has
taken us to send a thank you for what your OUTSTANDING and
UNFORGETTABLE job you did at our wedding 9-10-11 wedding reception.
You really made our day extra special by taking the time to learn
special songs that we hold dear to our hearts and even working with my
parents on a couple surprise songs. We have heard nothing but
fantastic things regarding our reception and how refreshing it was to
have a live band and not a DJ. Our guests had a blast and you truly
made our wedding a memorable night for all. We can’t thank you
enough!!! One of our favorite parts of our wedding DVD is the dancing
part, if you would like I could try to upload it and send it to you
for your website. We also have some wonderful pictures of the band if
you would like for us to email them to you.

Thank you again a million times over!!!