Scott Rees

Nikki & Ricky & the rest of the Life Support crew,

Thanks so much for playing at my 40th birthday party. Everyone had such an awesome time!! I heard so many comments about what a great job you did. I think everyone was so sad when the night ended and you had to wrap it up. Thanks to Ricky for taking the time to meet with us before the event to go over any concerns we had. Everyone was on time and dressed appropriately for the event.

I would recommend Life Support for any upcoming function and would definitely hire all of you again! Thank you!!

The thing that has impressed me the most about Life Support is their spontaneity and flexibility. This was especially evident when they provided music at my March 2008 wedding reception when the band allowed a special guest to take center stage and perform – my 4-year-old cousin. The band did a wonderful job, despite not having any idea what this young budding star was trying to sing. It was a delightful experiment that far transcended the standard musical experience, creating one that guests at my reception would not soon forget. Life Support truly does it all!